Full stack Developer

Job description

Would you like to be a software developer, at a growing scale-up with 10 million active users? This is an opportunity to help build a beautiful platform for when we have 100million active users in 3 years. You will be working on anything (or everything!) from the UI all the way to the backend, of a very popular brand in the Netherlands (Datumprikker). Whilst focussing on developing a product for the global stage with our growing startup, Cally. Working in an agile team of 7, we are responsible for the entire product lifecycle. You're free to go full-stack or specialise yourself more in a specific area, all depending on your interests.

The stack we’re working with: JavaScript and its rich ecosystem, (including TypeScript, React, Next.JS and Jest), Architecture: Docker, k8s (micro services, communicating over GraphQL). Programming languages include modern JavaScript, C# and Go. Database: SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Specialised storage. Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform. Communication: Github, Slack.

We don't expect you to master the entire stack. If there is something you aren't professionally experienced in, excellent! This just means that there is more room for you to grow 💪

Who are we?

We are Plan to Meet. You may know us as Datumprikker.nl (or Cally.com). We are a scale-up with a scheduling tool that connects friends, family and business partners. Meeting with a group of friends or colleagues is hard - especially if you are the one responsible for planning! When to meet? What to do? Where to go? We have an application that helps you take the initiative. Every year, more than 10 million users find their way to our product and use it to plan their quality moments. Happiness is only real, when shared. Datumprikker is the well known and widely used tool in the Netherlands, and an even smarter international platform called Cally is used worldwide.

Our ambition is for our platform to help more than 100 million users to create 250 million quality moments by 2023.

How do we work?

We use KPI's to set out a path and as a team we define the roadmap to reach our targets. Every four weeks we plan our new sprint and keep each other informed with a brief standup in the morning. Every task has an owner and it's their job to deliver it. Need an extra set of eyes? Ask a colleague for input or pair up and do it together. All done? Get someone to review and release it to test so that it can be tested by your product owner. All good? Press a button and our Continuous Integration environment takes care of rolling it out.

But it's not all fun. Sometimes we also have social events where we battle each other in online escape rooms or strategic games.

Your role

Together with an engineering team of 5 and our CTO Mark and CEO Paul, you’ll be collaborating on different meaningful projects to build something that our users love. This will involve daily problem solving, listening to our users and constant innovation. Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Aiming to deliver a bug-free scalable product by embracing testing and best-practice ways of working (code reviews & pair-programming)
  • Working in Sprints with 100% code-reviews, pull-requests and delivered using Continuous Deployment
  • Working on the whole product within areas that you are interested in (and that relate to our business goals)
  • Converting KPI driven ideas into well-built features with a smooth user experiences
  • Topic owner of a feature you bring from idea to production, with the help from your team
  • Maintaining existing and experimenting with new functionality

The CTO Mark explained why this is a phenomenal time to join: "We have circa 10 million users, aiming for well over 100 million by 2023. The challenge here is to re-architect the frontend, with international usage in mind. There will be a strong focus on the most efficient frontend delivery in terms of latency and size. It's a complex product in terms of UX, but there is plenty of room for experimentation and celebrations".

Job requirements

Essential skills and experience


  • are familiar with at least some parts of our tech stack
  • have an educational background in Computer Sciences, or similar
  • have 4+ years of professional experience of developing software in a team
  • have a Startup attitude (simple solutions are awesome) and a Scale-up responsibility (technical debt is a thing and we’d like to keep it in check. Tests are a part of life)
  • are professionally proficient in English

Bonus points for

  • Experience with writing (unit-)tests
  • Experience with maintaining CI/CD pipeline
  • Experience with building and improving a product
  • Being confident with the Command Line or even call yourself a DevOp
  • Public (Open Source) contributions (Here is our CTO's https://github.com/Dynom)

What we offer you

Our office is in the bustling startup hub of B Amsterdam, 10 minutes from the metro with subsidised lunches and a communal piano, ping-pong, foosball and a bar (serving nice coffee, wine, and beer). Depending on your wishes we can accommodate a variety of office and home work days. We believe in a culture of transparency; Twice a month we all talk about user growth, profit, development issues and learnings. It's also our chance to celebrate our achievements - together. Our product has complex challenges to improve your technical skills and we value and encourage personal growth. We offer a place to learn, to be yourself and to make mistakes, whoever you are. The monthly social events are also super fun!

  • A competitive salary (50-65k)
  • 25 days annual leave
  • An equity plan
  • Choice of Mac or Lenovo and a keyboard of your choice
  • Delicious coffee
  • Lunch
  • Flexible hours
  • A view over Amsterdam from the 5th floor, if you choose to work from the office that day
  • Open team culture
  • Focus on personal growth